Apply to the Quality Training Program

Practices must be able to commit time and resources to the Quality Training Program.

Program Requirements

Participating practices will be expected to:

  • Designate an ASCO physician member to serve as the practice team leader

The team leader is primarily responsible for leading the team in implementing a quality improvement project. The team leader may also be a Fellow.

  • Designate a core team of two to four members, including the team leader, to participate in all three in-person learning sessions

Attendance at all three sessions is mandatory.

  • Assemble a larger quality improvement project team in the practice

Teams generally consist of five to seven members, depending on the practice size. Ideally, teams include representation from each area potentially affected by the improvement project. Team members may include clinical, operational, and administrative personnel. 

  • Designate a project sponsor, typically a senior institutional leader

The sponsor is primarily responsible for supporting the team in resourcing and implementing their quality improvement project. The project team should keep their sponsor informed of the project status.

  • Lead a quality improvement project at their clinical site

A successful project will require at least two hours, but often more, per week. Projects will also require team meetings and monthly virtual sessions with coaches.

  • Provide senior leadership commitment to the improvement project and to the protection of participants’ time

ASCO requires a letter of support from the project sponsor as part of a complete application. ASCO also recommends that the practice team send periodic updates to the project sponsor. 

  • Cover all program fees, travel, lodging, and incidental expenses for the core team to attend the three in-person learning sessions

Payment Policies

  • Full payment of program fees is required for each core team member.
  • Travel, lodging, and incidentals for the three in-person sessions are additional. Participants must cover these expenses.
  • Payment fees are not refundable or transferrable.
  • Payment of fees is made after acceptance into the program and before the first in-person learning session.
  • Invoices will be sent following the receipt of the application.

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