Quality Training Program

Transform Your Cancer Care Delivery Team and Improve the Quality of Care with ASCO's Quality Training Program!

ASCO’s Quality Training Program (QTP) is a six-month course designed to help your practice improve the quality of cancer care delivery. The course elevates medical and non-medical staff members of the care team into higher-functioning quality improvement teams, identifies practice-specific areas for development, and gives you the tools and strategies necessary to make change. We also offer a one-day workshop for those looking for a shorter introductory training option. Both programs provide hands-on learning and the opportunity to immediately translate training into action to improve the quality of cancer care.

Invest in your team's future and apply for the Summer 2023 QTP today!

Quality Training Program 6-Month Course Structure

The six-month Quality Training Program (QTP) includes in-person learning across three sessions throughout the six-month period, hands-on learning specific to participants’ practices, and one-on-one work with a specialized QTP Coach. Sessions include seminars, case examples, and small group exercises.

Participants who complete the coursework are eligible for:

  • 15-20 continuing medical education (CME) credits (on average) 
  • An additional 20 CME credits for successfully completing their quality improvement project
  • Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (FASCO) points upon graduation

After completing QTP, participants will also be able to: 

  • Form a high-functioning quality improvement team   
  • Identify clinical and operational targets for quality improvement   
  • Plan and implement change strategies   
  • Analyze and use data to guide quality improvement plans   
  • Identify strategies to evaluate effective problem and aim statements   
  • Apply effective manuscript preparation strategies for use with quality improvement-focused activity

To participate in QTP, your practice must have at least one ASCO member on staff, select two to five of your oncology care staff who will form your quality improvement team, and apply. All team members are required to attend the three learning sessions. 

Once accepted, each team is assigned its own QTP coach who will work with them one-on-one throughout the 6-month program to develop and implement their QTP project, provide guidance on coursework, and offer personalized support to help the team achieve their quality improvement goals. Examples of previous QTP projects can be found in the Quality Improvement Library. The teams will complete their projects at their practice sites, immediately applying training into action to improve the quality of cancer care. 

Don't Just Take Our Word for It: The Numbers Don’t Lie

Our recent participant survey showcases the remarkable results achieved by those who have completed the program. After completing the program, participants felt:

  • Equipped to drive change. A staggering 81% of survey respondents felt they could undertake another quality improvement project with minimal assistance. The program equips participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to drive change and foster a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Empowered to foster a mentoring culture. Over 50% of survey respondents took their learning a step further by mentoring another individual in their care team on quality improvement after completing the course.

Memorial Cancer Institute in Hollywood, FL is just one example of the success that can be achieved through participation in QTP. By utilizing interventions such as telephone triage and increased patient education, they were able to reduce non-emergent oncology patient visits to the emergency room by 60%. This success story is a testament to the effectiveness of QTP in improving patient care and reducing healthcare costs.

Don't miss your chance to join these success stories. Share your expertise and contribute to the growth and development of your team members, making a difference in patient care. Discover the transformation for yourself – join our Quality Training Program today!

Upcoming QTP Opportunities:

QTP Summer 2023 will be held at ASCO’s Alexandria, Virginia Headquarters on the following tentative meeting dates:

  • Learning Session 1: July 13 - 14, 2023
  • Learning Session 2: September 21 - 22, 2023
  • Learning Session 3: December 8, 2023

For questions about QTP 6-month or 1-day workshops, including pricing, dates, and application deadlines, please contact us.

Apply Today

$100 per team discount for applications before April 30, 2023.

Fellows Discount: Any institution which sends two or more teams to a course, fellows receive 50% off tuition if there is at least one non-fellow on each team.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: June 9, 2023, at 11:59 PM EDT

Session Pricing
2-person team $2,100/person
3 or more-person team $1,850/person

While the summer 2023 session is at ASCO Headquarters, the locations may change within the United States each year to provide easier access from other regions. If you are interested in hosting QTP domestically, please contact us. Additionally, ASCO offers this training internationally. If you are interested in hosting QTP outside the United States, please complete our International Interest Survey (International teams may also attend courses based in the U.S.).

Read a PDF sample of the application and the eligibility requirements for the Quality Training Program. Download a letter of support template to confirm support from your organization, to be submitted alongside your application.

Quality Training Program 1-Day Workshop Overview

The 1-Day Workshop: Introduction to Quality Improvement is a one-day course to introduce participants to quality improvement. The workshop uses experience-based learning techniques and brings the same framework and tools from the 6-month Quality Training Program to the practice setting. The workshop is oncology-focused and is offered upon request. The one-day workshop is suitable for all staff ranging from 10-35 people. The workshop offers CME credits (upon request) for in-person days and provides publication guidance, guest lecturers, and networking opportunities with faculty, coaches, and other oncology practices.

One-Day Workshop Pricing
Up to 15 people $8,500
Over 15 people Contact Us

For more information, please contact us.

Quality Training Program Steering Group

  • Michael Keng, MD (Chair)
  • Randall Oyer, MD (Chair-Elect)
  • Calvin Chou, MD, PhD
  • Vedner Guerrier, MBA, LSSBB
  • Carolyn Hendricks, MD
  • Laurie Kaufman, MSN, RN
  • Ashraf Mohamed, MD, CPHQ, CHCQM
  • Amy Morris, PharmD
  • Tony Philip, MD
  • Razvan Popescu, MD
  • Doris Quinn, PhD, MSN
  • Carolyn Russo, MD
  • Anghel Adrian Udrea, MD, PhD

Members of the Steering Group may also serve as a faculty and/or coaches.

The Quality Training Program is funded through Conquer Cancer®, the ASCO Foundation.