How to Participate in QOPI

How to Participate in QOPI

The Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®) is available to all oncology practices with a least one active ASCO member located in the United States, U.S. territories, and several countries outside of the US, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, all countries in the European Union, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, New Zealand, and Saudi Arabia, with plans to expand as resources allow.

Please note that QOPI Certification is currently available to member practices in the US, Brazil, Greece, Romania, Saudi Arabia, and Spain with plans to expand to additional countries as resources allow.

If you’re interested in bringing QOPI to your country, please complete our International Interest Survey and contact us.

Registering Your Practice with the QOPI System

Practices that have never participated in QOPI need to register with the QOPI system before they can participate in a data abstraction round.

To register, go to myQOPI and select “New Registration” at the bottom right. You will need the last name and ASCO Member ID of the provider who will be your corresponding physician. This provider will be the main clinical contact for your practice. You will also have the chance to designate an administrative contact.

View a registration tutorial video. (Please note: This video demonstrates system registration for new practices, not QOPI round registration for existing practices.)

Recommended browsers for QOPI are the latest versions of Google Chrome or Firefox.

QOPI Data Abstraction Rounds

QOPI offers two data abstraction rounds per year in which practices select patient charts to report on based on chart selection criteria provided by QOPI. The required number of charts is based on the number of full-time equivalents (FTEs) at your practice. Users report each patient chart takes about 1 hour to abstract.

Practices abstract data based on the QOPI modules and/or tracks selected. Practices participating in a standard QOPI round complete the Core Module plus a minimum of one additional disease or domain module of their choice.

Practices interested in participating in QOPI for QOPI Certification only need to select the QOPI Certification Track, but are welcome to participate in additional modules.

In 2018, QOPI expanded its data abstraction rounds from 8 weeks to approximately 20 weeks. QOPI Round One generally spans the first half of the year (January – May) while QOPI Round Two generally runs from July – November. Round abstraction dates will be announced as they are confirmed. Please check the QOPI Dashboard for current dates.

View QOPI-Related Measures

After the Data Abstraction Round

Two to three weeks after the data abstraction round has closed, QOPI notifies practices that their performance reports are ready in the Dashboard. These reports allow practices to both review their individual performance and compare to their performance scores to the aggregates of all practices who participated.

Participating as a Fellowship Program

Fellowship programs can integrate QOPI participation into fellow activities to facilitate meeting Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Common Program Requirements for Practice Based Learning, Quality Assessment, and Performance Improvement activities, as well as engage fellows in quality assessment, quality reporting, and performance improvement activities that will be required throughout their career. Additionally, QOPI now offers a specialized QOPI Fellowship Program Track.

Participation in QOPI may help to fulfill the following ACGME requirements:

  • Review and improve patient care through application of quality indicators.
  • Apply current medical knowledge to patient care through selection, discussion and updating quality indicators.
  • Use interpersonal and communication skills in peer review discussion.
  • Assess and demonstrate professional ethical behavior, through peer review and concern for patients.
  • Assess and demonstrate awareness of systems-based practice as manifested by knowledge and development of quality indicators and application of uniform standards.
  • Demonstrate practice-based improvement through initial chart review, review of QOPI data, improvement of challenging areas, and follow-up on QOPI® data.

Participation Requirements

Fellowship programs should participate at least once per year, preferably during QOPI Round One, if possible. Synchronized program participation during the same collection round provides a more robust fellowship aggregate for performance benchmarking and data upon which to base quality improvement initiatives across programs.

Fellowship Programs should select the Fellowship Program Track, however additional modules may also be added at the program's discretion. The Fellowship Track includes measures from our Core Module as well as the Symptom/Toxicity Management domain module as they apply to all types of cancer and are more manageable for fellow case loads.

Fellows are required to abstract 10 charts, which allows them to become familiar with the institution’s electronic health records and the data-abstraction process. Important: Fellows should abstract from charts other than their own to facilitate un-biased abstraction.


Fellowship programs participating in QOPI data abstraction will receive quality performance reports that can be compared to the Fellowship Program Aggregate and QOPI National Aggregate scores.

For more information on how participating can benefit Fellowship Programs, please view our Fellowship Participation Guide.