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CancerLinQ® connects cancer care team members across the country with real-world cancer data. CancerLinQ combines the expertise of the country’s leading oncologists with big data analytics technology.

Through CancerLinQ participation, oncologists gain, personalized guidance on treatment decisions by matching each patient’s care against quality standards and data from patients with similar characteristics.

As a result, patients in participating practices receive assurance that they get high-quality, evidence-based care no matter their location, and can benchmark their outcomes against ASCO’s clinical measures.

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How It Works

When a practice participates in CancerLinQ, treatment information about the practice’s patients is added to a database that will include millions of other people with cancer. The cancer care team can use this information to help make decisions about their patients’ care, and, in turn, their patients’ information contributes to the care of others.

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How to Participate

Complete this form and a CancerLinQ representative will contact you to discuss the onboarding process. By participating and agreeing to contribute patient data to the CancerLinQ database, practices can benefit from the aggregated information.

In getting you started, the CancerLinQ team’s focus is to ensure minimal impact to practice resources. Once the initial data feed is set up, there is no data entry required on your behalf. The data integration process is customizable based on your practice’s preferences.

Once CancerLinQ is live in a practice, the team provides ongoing support and maintenance, discusses performance metrics, and facilitates participation in CancerLinQ User Events.

About CancerLinQ

CancerLinQ LLC is a not-for-profit subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology established for the development and operation of the CancerLinQ initiative. CancerLinQ is a health information technology platform aimed at enhancing and improving the understanding and treatment of cancer. The team is comprised of staff focused solely on CancerLinQ-a team dedicated to using big data to help conquer cancer. CancerLinQ LLC has two offices, the main office collocated with located in ASCO headquarters in Alexandria, VA, and a second office in San Francisco, CA.