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Report on evidence-based quality measures and receive performance scores via the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®).

QOPI® Certification: Celebrating Success and Driving Changes

Oncology Practice Insider

Practice: NorthShore University Health System Medical Group Kellogg Cancer Center
Re-Certification: January 23, 2019

QOPI® Certification: Celebrating Success and Driving Changes

QOPI Team Collage Image

NorthShore University Health System Medical Group Kellogg Cancer Center in Evanston, Illinois, achieved QOPI® Certification in January after seeking the certification as a way to identify performance gaps and propel quality improvement.

“We recognized the value of a robust quality measurement system that includes benchmarking to assess the performance of our care models and to identify opportunities for improvement,” said NorthShore Medical Group’s Thomas A. Hensing, MD, an expert in thoracic oncology and lung cancer. “We believe that this type of measurement system drives best practices and improves patient outcomes. We also appreciate the value of partnering with ASCO and achieving QOPI® Certification with the recognition from payors, peers, patients, and other professional organizations.”

The cancer center began the certification process with the goal of participating biannually in QOPI® to track their performance in key quality and patient safety metrics over the course of the year and to increase both staff and patient engagement in the cancer program’s overall quality. The staff has come to anticipate the information provided from the data abstraction rounds and the subsequent celebrations of success and formation of changes when a need is identified.

Upon entering the QOPI® Certification track and focusing on performance gaps, Kellogg Cancer Center staff identified opportunities for improvement. They leveraged skills and tools gathered from participation in ASCO’s Quality Training Program to revise their current workflows and improve overall performance. Through a combination of educational initiatives for faculty and staff and embedded clinical decision support tools within their electronic medical record, Kellogg Cancer Center staff were able to integrate new workflows into practice. They completed one early assessment and will continue to evaluate for full implementation of their revised process.

The staff acknowledges that change can be difficult, but with a committed team, education, feedback, and re-evaluation, they are pleased with their progress. They have celebrated their QOPI® Certification with both patients and cancer center employees. Among the latter, cancer center leaders and staff have noted a clear increase in overall engagement and enthusiasm to work in partnership to improve the quality of their cancer program.

“QOPI® Certification means that we are on the right path in our journey as a cancer program to consistently deliver the most up-to-date, evidence-based practices that will lead to the best possible outcomes for our patients,” Dr. Hensing said.