Oncology 101 Training

Learn with Oncology 101

Not all members of your practice staff begin their career with a background in oncology. As a result, practices may need to provide new staff with a primer on the basics of oncology.

To help practices with this essential task, ASCO has compiled a series of tools and resources intended to serve as an entry point to the specialty of oncology. In this section, you will find various resources for easy-to-understand cancer information.

Introduction to Cancer Basics

  • Cancer Basics Slide Set—Nearly 80 slides offering specifics related to the definition of cancer, the most common types of cancer, cancer diagnosis and staging, and cancer treatment.
  • Cancer.Net Videos—Video series offers easy-to-understand overviews in a variety of areas, including cancer basics, side effects, treatment, quality of life, and cancer research news.

On-the-Job Resources

  • Cancer Glossary—Definitions of common terms used in oncology practices
  • ASCO Answers Fact Sheets—A series of oncologist-approved fact sheets providing information about many common types of cancer, cancer treatments, side effects, and other cancer-related topics.
  • Reading and Reference List—Links to articles, blogs and more providing insight into cancer basics, treatment and clinical trials.