Survey of Oncology Practice Operations

The 2020 Survey of Oncology Practice Operations (SOPO) will open within the next few weeks.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have moved the launch date back to at least early April 2020.  We hope that this will allow practices to address the crisis while still having an opportunity to participate in the 2020 SOPO.

At the same time, practices that want to get an early start can review the questions and begin collecting data now.  Click here to view a PDF of the 2020 SOPO questions.

The Survey of Oncology Practice Operations is a yearly effort by ASCO to help oncology practices gain perspective on their business operations.  Practices voluntarily submit business data covering staffing, compensation, volume, and revenue.  ASCO’s PracticeNET team then compiles and analyzes the data, returning a full report of oncology business benchmarks to all participants.

If you would like more information on the Survey of Oncology Practice Operations, PracticeNET, or anything else concerning ASCO's practice benchmarking, please contact