PracticeNET membershipPracticeNET is a rapid learning network where oncology practices of all sizes and in all settings, can share and receive insights to make improvements to the patient experience while enhancing business operations.

As the business of health care moves from a fee-for-service model to value-based payment, practices face a crucial transition. Practices struggling with productivity, staffing, and new reimbursement models don’t have to face these challenges in isolation.

PracticeNET can help break down those barriers by giving practices a unique opportunity to see their data compared to others and learn from their peers.

How It Works

Each month, participating practices submit core business, operational, and administrative data through a secure system. All data are confidential,  and individual practice data are not shared with other network participants.

PracticeNET practices receive four quarterly reports each year which include both:

  • Benchmarks, comparing an individual practice to a larger group, and
  • Trends, looking at individual practice performance over time.
Participation in PracticeNET helps practices bolster operations and productivity, improve their ability to allocate resources, identify billing and coding opportunities, and engage and discuss practice operations

Results from an annual survey are used to prepare a once-yearly “State of Your Practice” assessment report on key production and cost measurements. Participating practices may also request personalized reports and benchmarks designed to provide insight into your individual practice’s specific needs.

PracticeNET participants are encouraged to engage with one another through interactive and collaborative meetings. The PracticeNET team hosts two in-person meetings each year where data results are shared and discussed. Our team also provides PracticeNET participants access to a community sharing platform, including a moderated listserv.Membership

Getting Started

If your practice is interested in joining the growing PracticeNET network, at least one physician in the practice must be an ASCO member, but participation extends to all physicians in the practice.

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