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Practice Spotlight: CAMC Cancer Center

Oncology Practice Insider

Practice: CAMC Cancer Center
Re-Certification: January 29, 2019

Mission Accomplished: QOPI Certification

CAMC Group PhotoIn December 2012, CAMC Cancer Center of Charleston, West Virginia, achieved its initial QOPI® Certification, demonstrating to their patients, colleagues, and community that they are committed to providing high-quality cancer care. In January of this year, they achieved re-certification, which is valid for another three years.

“We decided as an organization we needed to benchmark our services with other similar cancer centers,” said CAMC Cancer Center Vice President Ambulatory Services Jeff Goode, MBA, CMPE, FACHE. “QOPI® Certification was an excellent resource to accomplish this.”

When they began the process for their initial certification more than seven years ago, the team was able to examine how they operated as a practice, reflect on their mission and goals, and think about how they wanted to continue to evolve and grow. Additionally, the process informed the development of the practice’s electronic health record.

“Our cancer center is truly a community cancer center, one where our own family and friends are treated,” said CAMC Cancer Center Director Beverly Farmer, RN, BSN, OCN, NE-BC. “We are proud of our QOPI® Certification and feel more confident that it shows we are providing a higher standard of care.”

The CAMC Cancer Center staff state that becoming QOPI® Certified has given them confidence that they are providing excellent care to their patients in a community cancer center. However, the quality improvement process is continuous, and the CAMC Cancer Center’s processes are constantly evolving as it strives to meet this commitment to provide high quality care.

“We believe that continuous improvement will lead to performance excellence and that we each have an individual responsibility to understand and act on the needs and expectations of our patients and customers,” Farmer said.