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Disconnect Between Attitudes and Behaviors on Cancer Prevention: New Podcast Highlights Results from National Cancer Opinion Survey

Oncology Practice Insider

In the latest ASCO in Action Podcast, ASCO CEO Dr. Clifford A. Hudis discusses findings from the ASCO 2019 National Cancer Opinion Survey, which found that only one in four Americans are taking concrete steps to prevent cancer, even though evidence exists that as many as half of all cancer cases are preventable. Further, the survey found that while 6 in 10 adults report being concerned about developing cancer, 25% believe that there is nothing they can do to prevent cancer. The survey also revealed troubling behaviors and attitudes around e-cigarette usage and end-of-life care.

“Much more education on cancer prevention is needed—and it should begin at a young age, when it can have the greatest impact,” Dr. Hudis said. “… we urge every American to have regular conversations with their physician about reducing their risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.”

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