Calendar of Events

This calendar provides key information on oncology practice events organized by ASCO or other organizations throughout the world, as well as upcoming deadlines related to ASCO practice programs. The page displays the next 24 months of events. For events scheduled more than 24 months out, use the search feature below.

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April 2021

ASCO Practice Leadership Call

This call will be our Drug Payment Policy Primer. The call will be led by health policy specialists Allyn Moushey MSW, Michael Francisco MPH, Jonathan Phillips MPH, and Karen Hagerty MD from ASCO’s Policy and Advocacy department.

May 2021

ASCO Practice Leadership Call

This call will revolve around two related subjects:  ASCO’s vision for equity, diversity, and inclusion, and our 2020 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) survey to research health disparities among sexual and gender minority populations. Our presenters will be Sybil Green, JD, RPh, MHA and Charles Kamen, PhD, MPH.

June 2021

ASCO Winter 2021 QTP - Session 3

ASCO’s Quality Training Program prepares physician-led oncology teams to design, implement, and lead successful quality improvement activities in their practice settings. (Will be virtual due to COVID-19)