Alternative Payment Models

ASCO’s Payment Reform Model Supports Higher Quality, More Affordable Cancer Care

ASCO has developed a payment reform model designed to improve the quality and affordability of cancer care. The ASCO model will allow oncology practices to successfully navigate the transforming healthcare environment and transition to alternative payment models.

ASCO is evaluating “Patient-Centered Oncology Payment: Payment Reform to Support Higher Quality, More Affordable Cancer Care” (PCOP), the Society’s payment reform proposal, in multiple practices across diverse settings around the United States. This evaluation aims to establish PCOP as a viable alternative payment model, which ensures that the full range of services needed by patients with cancer is supported within a value-based reimbursement system that increases patient satisfaction and cost-savings.

If you are interested in participating in or learning more about PCOP, or any of ASCO’s physician payment reform efforts, please contact the ASCO Clinical Affairs team or share your feedback.

Download the PCOP brochure.

Read the summary overview of PCOP.

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