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ASCO Submits Response to HELP Committee RFI

Oncology Practice Insider

 ASCO responded to a request for information (RFI) that the Senate Health Education, Labor and Pensions Committee issued in December to providers, insurers, and other groups to help identify specific ideas about how to reduce healthcare costs for consumers. 

ASCO's response included the following: 

  • Urging Congress to work towards policies that encourage the creation of value-based incentives that increase quality and lower cost  
  • Asking Congress to encourage the Administration to adopt high-quality clinical pathways 
  • Urging Congress and CMS to encourage the approval of multiple Alternative Payment Models, including testing and adoption of ASCO’s Patient-Centered Oncology Payment Model, and work towards policies that reduce administrative burdens like prior authorization and step therapy that can be harmful for patients

The RFI was issued after a series of hearings last year focused on the rising cost of health care and comes as Congress continues to work on the issue.