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ASCO Guideline Topic Submission

Oncology Practice Insider

ASCO Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee (CPGC) is soliciting topics for clinical practice guideline development, and the CPGC would like to invite members of other ASCO Committees to participate in the process. The CPGC has delegated the identification and prioritization of guideline topics to Guideline Advisory Groups (AGs). The AGs will consider topics suggested by the ASCO membership when revisiting current priorities and will submit the prioritized list to the CPGC in the fall.

ASCO strives to produce guidelines that could have the greatest impact on the greatest number of patients in practice. Please make your topic submission as specific as possible (e.g. treatment or screening guideline topics versus broad disease sites). It is not guaranteed your suggestion will become a priority for guideline development but appreciate you for taking the time to submit a topic idea.

Submit a topic for consideration by July 10, 2020.

View ASCO’s current library of guidelines and 2019-2020 prioritizes and guidelines in development.